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Welcome Letter/Bylaws

Chestnut Hill Farms Home Owners Association
For questions, comments or other information please contact:  Sara Stewart
North Oakland Management
Dear New Neighbor,
Welcome to the neighborhood. Chestnut Hill Farms is a community of 135 residential homes. Information, updates and much more is available on the website. Please take a moment and request a password so that you will be a registered member and will then have complete access to the site. You will find lots of helpful info on our website.
In the event that you did not receive your association documents at closing you can access the Covenants and By-Laws on the website. You will need to be a registered member to download documents. Please read Article 7 of the Bylaws for information on the key requirements for homeowners regarding fences, signs, antennas, pets, sheds, boat & recreation vehicle storage, etc.
Our association board consists of nine members. The board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. As an association member, you are welcome to attend any of the board meetings. In June we encourage everyone to attend the association annual meeting for Board member elections.
Each association household is responsible to pay annual dues. The board works hard to keep the dues affordable. The annual dues are currently $190 for the year (this is subject to change each year depending on expenses for the subdivision). The dues cover property management fees, accounting, mailings, website, lawn maintenance in common areas, electricity, insurance, additional snow removal for heavy snowfalls, etc. All financial reports are available on
The community is working to get one trash collector to avoid unnecessary road damage and to reduce the number of trucks driving through our streets each week. 
Thanks so much. Enjoy your new home and our wonderful neighborhood. Please contact us if you have any questions. Contact information is on the website.
Chestnut Hill Farms Association Board of Directors
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