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Proposed Amendments to Article V of the Covenants
Posted on Dec 1st, 2015

The Board has been working on three major initiatives that we believe will significantly benefit the Association (which is you, the homeowners).  As a result, the Board is proposing three amendments to Article V of the covenants.  These amendments, with a brief description, are as follows:
Amendment No. 1:  This amendment would expand the Association's powers to include providing trash, recycle and yard waste collection services.  See the news article "Garbage Collection Proposal" on this web site for more information.
Amendment No. 2:  This amendment provides the Association the authority to assess homeowners for the cost of major capital improvements such as roads (only if those projects are approved by the affected homeowners) and allows the Association to collect all reasonable expenses involved in collecting delinquent assessments, the ability to collect delinquent dues more timely, and to meet the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Act.   See the news article "Collection of Dues" on this web site for more information.  (updated January 2016)
Amendment No. 3:  This amendment would expand the Association's powers to include maintaining and re-paving the roads, paid for through special assessments.  See the news article "A New Approach to Road Repaving" on this web site for more information. 
Amended Version of Article V if all three amendments passIn this document you can see how Article V will change if all three amendments pass.  (Additions are in bold font and deletions are shown in "strike-out" format.)