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Maybee Road Resurfacing: What did it cost? Could we do the same thing?
Posted on May 11th, 2017

Here's a list of the road projects being done by the RCOC in 2017.  (Here's a link to the web page where this was found:  The list breaks down the projects into various categories.  On the 2nd page, you'll find two lists of "preservation overlays" (or "simple resurfacing").  The RCOC defines these as milling off and replacing about 1-1/2" of asphalt.  The first list is "projects funded with federal dollars" and the second list is "projects funded with local dollars."  The Maybee Road project is found on that 2nd list. 
It's not possible to identify from this list the cost of the Maybee Road resurfacing alone.  However, for each list, the total length of resurfacing projects was determined by simply measuring the distance of each on a map, and the cost per mile was calculated for that list.  
Here's the results:
Projects funded with federal dollars:  $280,000 per mile.
Projects funded with local dollars:  $210,000 per mile.
How does that compare to the estimate provided by the RCOC in 2014 for repaving our roads?  The total estimated cost of that project was $1,850,722.13 and the total length of the project was about 1.6 miles.  That's a cost of $1,156,000 per mile.  That's more than five times (closer to six times) what the RCOC spent on resurfacing Maybee Road.  
So why can't we resurface our roads like what was done on Maybee Road, and at that much lower cost?  We can.  But we need to amend our covenants to give the Association that authority.  The Board will soon propose an amendment to our covenants.  Stay tuned.